Gilt Chambers provides pupillage opportunities to those with genuine intellectual curiosity, high academic standards and a dedication to make a positive contribution to the law. If you are seeking to practise as a barrister and are interested in applying for pupillage, please write to the Pupillage and Internship Committee using the form which may be downloaded from this website and submit the application on or before 30 November of the year preceding the intended commencement of your pupillage. Before submitting your application, please familiarise yourself with our pupillage policy and the relevant guidelines given by the Hong Kong Bar Association. We will only consider applications that comply with the terms of the form and the pupillage policy. Applications must be submitted by hand or by mail. No electronic applications will be accepted.

Download Pupillage Application Form   Pupillage Policy


If you are interested in practising as a barrister and are considering applying for pupillage in Gilt Chambers, we strongly recommend that you undertake an internship in these Chambers during the summer period.

There is no fixed form of application, but please refer to our Pupillage Application Form for the information that might be useful to us when considering your application. Preference will be given to applicants at the later stages of their legal studies, and those who are intending to practise as barristers in Hong Kong. Applications must be submitted by hand or by mail. No electronic applications will be accepted. The deadline for applications is 20 April. Late submissions wil be considered only at the absolute discretion of the Pupillage and Internship Committee.

The Pupillage and Internship Committee, as at April 2018, comprises: Gordon Wong, Nisha Mohamed, Emma Tsang, Albert Wong, Au Lut Chi, Miranda Li, Nick Luxton, Andrew Lynn, Denise Souza (Deputy Convenor), and Daniel Hui (Convenor).