Richard Turnbull
Office Contact No.: 2866 8233
Fax: 2866 7858

Professional Qualifications

(i) Legal Education
    Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.)
    Sydney University, New South Wales, Australia
    Master of Laws (LL.M.)
    Sydney University, New South Wales, Australia
    Master of Laws, (LL.M.)
    Cambridge University, England
(ii) Admission to Practise
Ÿ     Admitted to Supreme Court of New South Wales, Australia-- Solicitor 1974, barrister 1988
Ÿ     Admitted to practise before Supreme Court of State of New York, United States of America, 1987
Ÿ     Admitted to practise before the Supreme Court, England & Wales, 1987
     Admitted to practise before Supreme Court of Hong Kong solicitor 1988, barrister 2004.

Professional Experience

He has been practising as a barrister in private practice in Hong Kong and Australia in criminal law.                
Formerly (1982 - 2012) with the Hong Kong Department of Justice ---- Senior Assistant Director of Public Prosecutions, Commercial Crime responsible for the advice, preparation and prosecution of major white-collar fraud and bribery cases , intellectual property cases and offences relating to the improper use of computers.
The cases cover a wide field including
●Bank and corporate frauds involving multiple jurisdictions
Ÿ●Money laundering/asset seizure and forfeiture
●Bribery and corruption cases (ICAC)
Ÿ●Securities and Futures Commission cases ( criminal)
●Taxation frauds
●Computer crimes, including data theft and child pornography
●Credit card frauds
●Extradition of fraudsters from foreign jurisdictions
●Conducting appeals against conviction and sentence on all criminal offences with a particular emphasis on white collar crimes in the Court of Appeal and on occasion the Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal.

Notable cases
Cases in which he has  been involved include, Citic (failure to announce to the market huge forex losses) Shanghai Land (improper use of corporate funds to finance takeover) Tony Chan (forgery of Nina Wangs will) Moulin Global Eyecare (fabrication of publicly listed company accounts), Tunga Lighting (fraudulent attempt to list on the HK Gem Board) Doron Schulman and others, Daniel Hertzberg (both cases of the money-laundering with international elements) Kelly Cheng Kit Yin and others (conspiracy to defraud publicly listed company).

Lecturing Experience

He has lectured regularly to the ICAC, Commercial Crime Bureau of the Hong Kong Police, Customs and Excise Department and legal practitioners for their continuing development.
Formally part-time lecturer at the Open Learning Institute of Hong Kong in company law and part-time lecturer in law at the Chinese University of Hong Kong MBA program--- business law.


He has spoken regularly at conferences in Hong Kong and throughout Asia on frequent occasions on the prosecution of white-collar fraud and bribery cases and computer crimes.