Dr Priscilla M F Leung JP, SBS
Office Contact No.: 2866 8233
Fax: 2866 7858


Dr Priscilla Leung has taught at the Law School of City University of Hong Kong for 24 years and is specialised in Chinese Law, Hong Kong Basic Law and conflicts of law amongst the mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.


Dr Leung is the Chairman of the Judicial and Legal Affairs Committee of the Legislative Council in Hong Kong. She is Associate Professor, School of Law, City University of Hong Kong; Barrister-at-Law; Arbitrator (CIETAC) and received the Ten Outstanding Young Persons Award of the Year 2000.


Dr Leung published different articles and books on the above areas both in English and Chinese including the China Law Reports series (English), the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission Awards Series (English) and the Hong Kong Basic Law: Hybrid of Chinese Law and Common Law published in 2007 (English). Her publications also include Comparative Studies of Family Law between the mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong published by the joint Publishing House in June 2003 (Chinese), Legal Reform of China (co-ed) in 1994.