Patrick Wan
Office Contact No.: 2866 8233
Fax: 2866 7858
CEDR Accredited Mediator (2009)
Barrister of the High Court of the HKSAR (2008)

Patrick is a mixed practice practitioner and is experienced in a wide range of areas including public law, human rights, probate and trusts, property law, intellectual property law, commercial law, defamation, and white-collar crimes.


Public and Regulatory Laws

experienced in representing the applicants in application for leave for judicial review against the decisions of the Housing Authority and Tribunal, of the investigators of Securities  & Futures Commission. In addition, representing defendants in tribunals and giving legal opinions on public law on legality of body search and x-ray taking, admissibility of evidence obtained infringing the Constitution.


Defamation, Discrimination and Equality

experienced in representing litigant in defamation case, and giving legal opinions on defamation, discrimination and equality.


Property Law

experienced in representing litigants in disputes over property ownership and applications for partition orders and giving legal opinions on adverse possession, and trespass to land, and conveyancing.


Probate, Trusts and MHO

experienced in representing the applicants for appointment of committee under the Mental Heath Ordinance, and representing the litigants in probate and administration of estate cases.


Company Law

Experienced in representing litigants in company winding-up and unfair prejudice cases and giving legal opinions. For instances, having been briefed to give expert opinion on the issue whether an auditor could also be appointed as a liquidator of the Company under Hong Kong Law in support of a trust action in the Cook Islands. Giving opinion on whether incorporation of a subordinate company by a charitable organization would amount to acting ultra vires.


Intellectual Property Laws

experienced in representing the civil litigants in trademark and passing off cases and representing the Defendants in criminal cases such as offences under the Trade Description Ordinance.



experienced in representing the defendants in a wide range of while collar crimes cases and giving opinion and representing the clients in investigation of regulatory bodies such as Securities & Future Commissioners’ investigation, and Monetary Authority’s investigation. In addition, having experienced in represent the Defendant in an appeal to CFA in a money laundering case.

Academic Qualifications
LLM with distinction (HKU general stream) 
BSc(Hons) in Engineering Physics