Lawrence Lau
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Immediately after finishing his LLB at the University of Hong Kong, Mr Lawrence Lau joined the then Royal Hong Kong Police Force. But soon he left the Force and became the speech writer of the founding chairman of the Liberal Party before he was called to the Bar in 1995.

Mr Lau has joined Gilt Chambers since 1998. He has (at least he honestly thinks so) a passion on criminal and constitutional law, more endearingly, the jurisprudence thereof. He always fancies bundling law with philosophy. He has an MA in public policy from the City University of Hong Kong with a dissertation on the philosophical foundation of the anti-discrimination legislation in Hong Kong. Subsequently he suspended his practice and anxiously moved to London School of Economics to pursue his further postgraduate studies leading to an MSc in philosophy and policy with a dissertation on the rationality (or irrationality) of the Human Rights Act 1998 as well as a never-finished-yet PhD thesis on the rationality of constitutionalism (thus, for the avoidance of doubt, he is never a Dr Lau!). Later on he served as Deputy Special Magistrate and subsequently Deputy Magistrate at the Judiciary from 2010 to 2012 and had a great time of his life. He takes constant pleasure and pride in having presided the case 香港特別行政區 訴 蘇春就, determining that Article 34 of our Basic Law empowers citizens to perform and enjoy magic shows (incidentally having a happy time!) in the public area.

Mr Lau is a contributing editor of Tort Law and Practices in Hong Kong (now reaching the 3rd edition). Also he wrote Chapter One titled 'Philosophical Foundation' of Professional Conduct and Risk Management in Hong Kong. He is currently a columnist covering books, movies and self-mockery for the Hong Kong Economic Journal (信報), though his column is widely believed to be rarely read.