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1980 (Western Australia) as Barrister and Solicitor; 1991 (England & Wales) as Solicitor; 1992-2009 (Hong Kong) as Solicitor; 2009 to present (Hong Kong) as Barrister

Kim Rooney is an international arbitrator, barrister and accredited mediator. Before becoming a full time arbitrator and barrister, Ms Rooney was a partner of White & Case LLP heading its Hong Kong based Asian international dispute resolution practice.

Practice Areas: Commercial, Company, Construction, Energy, Finance and Insolvency Law, Fraud, International Arbitration, International Law (public and private), Mediation, International Investment and Trade and cross border disputes.

Ms Rooney’s other roles include serving as:

  • Member of the ICC’s International Court of Arbitration.
  • Vice Chair of eBRAM Centre Ltd.
  • Chair of the Hong Kong Law Reform Commission’s Sub-committee on Third Party Funding for Arbitration, to the conclusion of its reference in 2016.
  • Member of the Hong Kong Department of Justice’s Committee on Provision of Space in the Legal Hub. 
  • Member of the Council of the Hong Kong Bar Association and chair of its International Practice Committee.

Ms Rooney was a Senior ADR Expert in an EU funded project in the Indonesian public sector (2013 – 2016). She was a member of the ICCA/Queen Mary Taskforce on Third Party Funding for Arbitration.

Arbitration Experience

Ms Rooney is a fellow of ACICA and on the panels of AAIC, APRAG, CIETAC, HKIAC, the KCAB International Panel of International Arbitration, the Russian Arbitration Centre, SCIA and SIAC. She is a member of CEDR’s Asia Pacific Mediator’s Group.

Kim Rooney regularly sits as an arbitrator under various institutional arbitration rules including those of ACICA, HKIAC, ICC, JCAA, LCIA, SIAC and under the UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules and in other ad hoc arbitrations, seated in civil and common law jurisdictions in Africa, Asia, Australia, England and varous jurisdictions in continental Europe and the US. Her concluded cases include serving as (i) chair in a dispute arising from a long term distribution agreement for software in East Asia, (ii) co-arbitrator in a dispute arising from the construction of a coal fired power station in South Asia, (iii) co-arbitrator in a dispute arising from a PRC joint venture for the construction and operation of a manufacturing facility, (iv) co-arbitrator in a commercial and financial dispute arising from the sale of a financial institution in Greater China, (v) co-arbitrator of a dispute arising under a pharmaceutical development agreement in Greater China, (vi) sole arbitrator in a construction dispute in Indo-China, (vii) sole arbitrator in a dispute arising from an exclusive agency agreement involving restrictive covenants, (viii) sole arbitrator in a dispute arising under construction and manufacturing agreements in India, and (ix) sole arbitrator in a commodities trading dispute.

Ms Rooney’s experience as an arbitration counsel includes representing clients in arbitrations under the arbitration rules of ACICA, BANI, CIETAC, HKIAC, ICC, ICSID, JCAA, LCIA, SCC, SIAC and UNCITRAL in complex, high value disputes around the world (including in Asia, Europe and North and South America), including in the energy, infrastructure and resources sectors (including in the airport, energy, mining, forestry, telecommunications and water sectors), manufacturing and hi-tech sectors, and arising from privatizations (banking, cement and telecommunications), and from distribution, technology, sale of goods, joint venture and shareholder agreements.

Ms Rooney earlier represented clients in contentious insolvency, commercial and financial litigation, in judicial reviews and in criminal matters (including in jury trials and on appeal).

Editorial Boards, Publications and Teaching

Ms Rooney writes and speaks widely about arbitration, alternative dispute resolution, dispute prevention, on-line dispute resolution, third party funding for arbitration, professional ethics and cross border disputes.

Ms Rooney is on the editorial panels of the IBA's "Dispute Resolution International" and of CI Arb's "Journal”.

Ms Rooney’s publications include:

  • The Hong Kong Law Reform Commission's Report on Third Party Funding for Arbitration, October 2016 (co-author); 
  • Hong Kong Law Reform Commission’s Sub-Committee's "Report on Third Party Funding for Arbitration", October 2015 (co-author); 
  • Lexis Nexis' "Hong Kong Encyclopedia of Forms and Precedents, Dispute Resolution-Arbitration & Mediation", 2011 (co-author);
  • "ICCA's Guide to the Interpretation of the 1958 New York Convention: A Handbook For Judges", 2011 (co-author).

Ms. Rooney’s teaching roles include as the leader of the Hong Kong Bar Association's International Arbitration Course at Peking University Law School. She is one of the moderators of the ICC Advanced Asia Arbitration Academy (2018 – 2020).


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