Kelvin Lai
Office Contact No.: 2866 8233
Fax: 2866 7858

Kelvin Lai specializes in criminal law, and has enjoyed great success with several high profile criminal litigation cases.

Kelvin is a firm believer in preparation, and diligently explores every relevant aspect of law as it relates to each specific case. In court, he conducts himself in a calm, reserved manner, relying on his extensive preparation to give him all the advantage he needs.

He frequently conducts bilingual trials at Magistracies and the District Court as well as appeals at the High Court and Court of Appeal.  Kelvin has also represented institutional clients at departmental proceedings as well as lay clients in various tribunal hearings, including the SFC enquiries.

In addition to his private practice, Kelvin had previously sat as a Deputy Magistrate and Deputy Presiding Officer at the Magistrates' Courts and the Labour Tribunal.

Kelvin is also very active as a volunteer working towards the rehabilitation of young offenders, serving as a guest speaker for the Hong Kong Playground Association for several years.  He has also lent his time as an instructor to secondary school students in the Mock Trial Competition Project organized by The Society of Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention, Hong Kong.