Felix Ng
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Felix specializes in civil and commercial litigation.  He frequently acts for listed companies, majorland developers, large-scale governmental and non-governmental organizations, financial institutions, as well as other private clients.


DATE OF CALL: 31st March 2009

St. Hugh’s College, University of Oxford, The United Kingdom
B.C.L., 2007.

School of Law, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
P.C. LL ., 2008.
Ranked as the top student in Advocacy

LL.B., First Class Honours, 2006.
Dean’s List, all years.
Overseas Postgraduate Studies Scholarship for Outstanding Graduates
CityUniversity of Hong Kong Outstanding Graduate Award (awarded to one fresh graduate from the university each year)
Cambridge Trusts Award for LL.M. studies in Darwin College, Cambridge (offered but not taken up)
Hong Kong Jockey Club Scholarship (merit-based full undergraduate scholarship 2003-2006, university-wide election; top 3 students in the university across all disciplines).
Sir Edward Youde Memorial Scholarship.
Chan Tai Ho Scholarship.
Chiap Hua Cheng Scholarship.
George Y.C. Mok & Co Scholarship.

St Joseph’s College, Hong Kong (1996-2003)

Middle Temple Society Scholarship
English, Chinese (fluent Mandarin, written simplified/traditional Chinese, and Cantonese)
Civil Fraud & Securities Regulations
In the Matter of Greencool Technology Holding Limited (Stock Code: 8056, Hong Kong Stock Exchange)
(27-day trial before the Market Misconduct Tribunal—representing an implicated person against SFC’s allegations of misconduct under s 277 of the Securities and Futures Ordinance), unled
Bel Global Resources Ltd v Elite Dragon Ltd (Stock Code: 761, Hong Kong Stock Exchange)HCCL 8/2014
(13-day trial—defending allegations of shipping fraud which triggered issuance of convertible bonds at HK$290million), unled
Chinacast Education Coporation v Wu & Ors (previously listed on NASDAQ) HCA 1424/2016
(Defending allegation of the fraudulent transfer of company assets—defence of bona fide purchaser), led by Bernard Man SC
Philip Young v Re Asia Cheer Global Limited HCA 839 & 840/2011
(company fraud—forged transfer of shares and declaration of trust—derivative action), unled
Ng Chiu Mui & Anor v. Shum Lik Keung & Anor [2011] 5 HKLRD 88
(successfully struck claim of malicious falsehood—SFC investigation witnesses—absolute privilege)
Commercial, Company & Shareholders Disputes
FCL China Development Pte. Ltd v. Lai & 3 Others (FCL is subsidiary of Fraser Centrepoint Ltd, which is listed on SGX) HCA 642/2013; CACV 193/2014
(construction of settlement agreements involving multibillion dollar settlement amount—misrepresentation, set-off & prevention principle as defences), led by Patrick Fung SC & unled on appeal
Re CCCC Financial Ltd HCA 2813, 2814, 2016 & HCMP 3194/2016
(Derivative action—recovery of dissipated company assets—applications under s 740 of Companies Ordinance (Cap 622)), unled
Ameraisa Globla Property Limited v Dong Fei & Anor HCA 1202/2016
(Specific performance to enforce pre-emptive rights over purchase of shares between shareholders), unled
Li Mingren v Questex Development Inc. & Anor HCA 2081/2013 CACV 141/2014
(validity of equitable charge convertible bonds worth—successful appeal), led by Cooney SC and Anson Wong SC
Horace Yao Yee Cheong & Ors v. Pearl Oriental Innovation Ltd CACV 146/2009
(lifting corporate veil—sham transaction—director and company), led by Anthony Neoh SC
Yui Chung Yin v Ng Kit Sum  HCA1826/2009
(8-day trial, successfully defending and counterclaiming in a sale of computers dispute involving HK$30M worth of Lenovo computers—successfully obtained indemnity costs for trial), unled
Standard Chartered Bank v. Wong Chit Ming & Ors CACV 77/2010
(liability of guarantor—material variation of guarantee—indulgence clauses), led by Anthony Neoh SC (advice on appeal)
Re Chow Tai Fook Nominee Ltd & 2 Ors HCA 499/2011
(anti-suit injunction—shares transfer agreement dispute in mainland China), led by Rimsky Yuen SC
FT Securities v Timothy Loh Solicitors HCCW 135/2012; HCMP 778/2012
(Defending a listed company wind-up proceedings instituted by its former solicitors), unled
Re Wang Dan HCB 6584/2014
(represented opposing creditors against a bankruptcy petition filed by debtor), unled
Construction and Arbitration
PY Construction (Macau) Limited v Yau Lee Construction (Macau) Company Limited (HKIAC/15150, HKIAC/15169, HKIAC 15177, HKIAC/15178, HKIAC/16014 & HKIAC 16041)
(multi-billion dollar construction dispute—instructed by Hogan Lovells & Haley Ho & Partners as Umpire in the arbitration)
Austree & Ors v Shiyao Guo & ors, cc. 322 of 2012 (Solomon Islands High Court)
(multi-million investment dispute—sub-contractor remuneration—valuation of variation works), unled
Franki Limited v Hong Kong Communications Company Limited (HCA 70/2012)
(installation of centralized control system for a luxurious estate in Hong Kong), unled
ANCAA Advertising Agency Limited v Rich Rainbow Development Limited (DCCJ 3290, 3290/2009)
(quantum meruit claim—defective construction work), unled
Cheng Yin Fong v. Hong Kong Jockey Club & Ors CACV  338/2008
(Represented HKJC—successfully strike-out vexatious litigation—resisted leave application to CFA), unled
Intellectual Property & Breach of Confidence
DiagCor Bioscience Incorporated Ltd v Chan & 10 Others HCA 2107/2012
(breach of confidence and copyright—reliance on inferences from primary facts to prove P’s case), led by McCoy SC and Cooney SC
Allan v. Ng & Co  [2012] 2 HKLRD 160
(breach of confidence—solicitor’s liability—exemplary damages), led by McCoy SC
The Grand Thornton Litigations (HCA 1691/2011)
(successfully applied for ex parte injunction against majority partners), led by McCoy SC
Conflict of Laws
Tsang Tat Investment Company Ltd v. Hong Kong Tsang Tat Investment Ltd & Anor HCA 889/2011
(resisting stay on ground of forum non conveniens—setting aside of injunction), led by McCoy SC
Henderson v Henderson HCMP 1780/2013; [2015] 1 HKLRD 1115
(Successfully obtained and sought continuation of worldwide mareva injunction—enforcement of Ontario maintenance order) , led by Bruce SC
Land & Equity
Flyworld Group Co. Ltd v Creecedor Industrial Co. LtdHCA 101/2014
(successfully resisted striking out application—unjust enrichment and constructive trust as causes of action), unled

Best Galaxy Limited v. 廖笑
(Acted for a company in the Henderson Group for recovery of a piece of land—proprietary estoppel), unled

華寶商業大廈業主立案法團v.鄭瑞融 LDBM 256/2011
(Represented IO—successfully claiming for damages for trespass and removal of illegal structure at trial), unled
郭錦燊 v. 澤安閣業主立案法團 LDBM 357/2011
(Trial—successfully claiming against the IO— declaration concerning contribution from owners), unled
Bristle Limited v Wong Tsui Ching Venisa HCA 1094/2011
(claim for invalid formation of Incorporated Owners in a major estate in Hong Kong), led by Bruce SC
Public Law & Judicial Review
Lau Tong Ming v Directors of Land HCAL 131/2015
(Cancellation of squatter hut by Lands Department—whether abuse of discretion), unled
Law Wai Fong v Town Planning Board HCAL 236/2015
(Extant of Town Planning Board’s duties to make inquiries into illegal conduct), unled

Henderson v Registrar, District Court HCAL 82/2014; [2015] 2 HKLRD 777
(Successfully sought judicial review against Registrar’s Decision—concept of “residency”), unled
Li Kim Ming v. The Hong Kong Housing Authority & Anor HCAL 92, 97-111/2015
(successfully sought leave to commence judicial review proceedings—landmark case involving issues of legitimate expectation of retired civil servants housing benefit), unled

So Yat Ching v The City University of Hong Kong HCAL61/2016 [2016] 3 HKLRD 661
(procedural irregularity—judicial review of decisions made by university on the grading of student), unled

Tung Lai Lam v. 梁健文 (DCEO 1/2011)
(Trial—defending a District Councilor against allegation of disability discrimination under statute), unled
Felix Ng, ‘Privilege against self-incrimination in independent evidence: C plc and another v P (Attorney General intervening)’ (2008) 12 The International Journal of Evidence & Proof 150-155 
6-15 Apr 2016     
PCLL Tutor, City University of Hong Kong Legal Writing and Drafting (entire income donated to Orbis for charitable purposes)
30 May 2014      
CPD seminar: (HK Conveyancing and Property Law Association): Mareva injunction applications: Urgent preservation of misdiverted funds in civil fraud cases

18 June 2013       
CPD seminar: (HK Conveyancing and Property Law Association): How to advise clients in Tso & Tong Litigation