David Cheung
Office Contact No.: 2866 8233
Fax: 2866 7858
Hong Kong (2011)


David obtained his legal education and qualifications from the University of Hong Kong.


David is a general practitioner with experience in areas including criminal trials and appeals, land disputes, contract disputes, personal injury disputes, bankruptcy proceedings, mortgage proceedings, as well as disciplinary proceedings

Selected cases

FACC 1 of 2012 HKSAR v Chan Pak Hoe Pablo (Concerning a magistrate’s power to review sentence under section 104 of the Magistrates Ordinance, Cap. 227, while an appeal against conviction is pending.)
CACV 126 of 2014 Tsoi Ping Hung and Another v Cheung Chow Lan and Others (Adverse Possession; for the plaintiff)
CACC 385 of 2015 HKSAR v Gurung Laxman (Leave application only; for the applicant)
CACC 438 of 2015 HKSAR v Ling Ka Keung, Eddie (Appeal against conviction; for the respondent, on fiat)
HCCC 439 of 2014 HKSAR v Ling Ka Keung, Eddie (Trafficking in Dangerous Drugs; for the prosecution, on fiat)
HCCC 523 of 2014 HKSAR v Chukwuleta Sunday Freedaline
(Trafficking in Dangerous Drugs; for the defence)
HCCC 183 of 2015 HKSAR v Jutting, Rurik (Murder; for the defence)
HCMA 141 of 2014 HKSAR v Adam William Townsend (Appeal against sentence; for the appellant)
Disciplinary proceedings in relation to shares of ENM Holdings Limited (Before the Takeovers and Mergers Panel; for the 1st respondent.)